God had a plan upon the family of Grace Bethel Ministries. I am Evangelist Prasanthi Deevena, I came from Hindu family. My grand parent was pastors since 15 years. My whole family accepted our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. My childhood God gave me vision to do His ministry, from that time I dedicated my life to serve His service, and God used me mightily at different place. As part of his vision we established orphan home for housing 30 kids and 5 churches covering some rural and slum villages.


Grace Bethel Ministries Orphanage, running 8 years, has been a launching pad for many successful stories that otherwise were deprived of even basic needs. These orphans are being given a second chance to be a benefit to their society. These children receive shelter, food, education and daily biblical training. From this project several pastors have been raised up.

The heart of Jesus always responded to the cry of the needy when He ministered on earth. Orphans, widows, lepers, the suffering, all of these received a loving response from the Good Shepherd.


Evangelist P. Prasanthi Deevena is one ambassador who has taken the heed of Christ to go into His world. He is native born Indian who has established 5 churches over the past 8 years of the ministry. She and his pastors have committed to take the gospel to the UN reached millions. It is his strong desire to rise up more laborers and care for the masses of starving children through his churches as well as preach the gospel to them.