Viviana widows home Avanigadda andhra pradesh India-

Believe it or not, India has over 40 million widows- the highest in the world it is a paradox that in this nation which has a glorious history with incidents glorifying women. Widows are shunned from society. Widows regardless of her age have to don a drab garment and give up other adornments and confine herself to a corner of the house. A widow even has to tonsure her head in certain communities. She is not allowed to attend weddings or other celebrations as her presence is considered a bad women.

Especially i started at Avanigadda remote village with 20 widows. i am providing food medical and congested accommodation widows are suffering everyday with sleeping and living with congested accommodation. They are requiring me to arrange good accommodation. Presently we are residing widows home with rented house, they owners are objecting these widow every matter. In this regard we are requesting you one place and base mate level house was ready to sale, the owner are willing to sell for our Viviana widows home, he is willing to sell this with 3 installments, Indian currency 4,00000 Rupees.