Please remember our Grace Bethel Ministries in your regular prayers. Because it consists many needs and troubles, radicals attack, Foodlessness, mockeries, rebellions and remote slum areas. Christianity here is a symbol of poverty and shelterlessness. We are having a network of, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers who are serving God in different parts of this State Andhra Pradesh, India. We have started this project of Network of Servants of God with specific goals and purposes. One of our aims in having such a fellowship of Servants of God in state -wide is because our state A.P India should be saved and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately these Servants of God, although very successful in their ministries, they are not successful in meeting their daily needs. They are facing failures in their family. The reason is the economical condition of their family. It is very bad. Many of these servants of God donít have proper food, cloth, shelter, water; education. Even though we have started this network for prayer and fellowship outreach, we could not neglect the physical and material needs of these poor servants of God. Some how we want to uplift these poor men of God. So we have decided to improve welfare of all the servants of God in my state A.P India. Our pastorís need monthly support, I they have monthly support they will do the gospel work effectively at rural and slum areas.